We are a Non-Profit (filed with Marshall County and State of Alabama on 18 Oct 2013) and have received 501c3 tax-deductible status from the IRS.  All donations are tax-deductible.

We believe that pets are an important part of people’s lives.  Pets provide comfort, companionship and support that might not otherwise be available to many people in our community.  We hope to provide assistance in helping people to keep their pets.

We believe that pets should be spayed or neutered both for the health of the pet and to prevent unwanted litters.  We are accepting donations for spay/neuter of Marshall County pets.

We have set up a Pet Food Pantry to help those struggling to keep their pets.  We are looking for more volunteers to help with contacting businesses to allow us to place donation bins and cans. 

We will be posting links to information to help deal with issues that people may encounter in caring for their pets.

We hope to add other services as we progress.

Arab PAWS is an animal welfare advocacy group formed to help people in Arab and Marshall County keep their pets and make informed decisions about companion animals. We do not have an animal shelter and we are not a rescue group.  If you need help with a stray animal, you can contact the City of Arab (if you live inside city limits).  If you live in Marshall County, you can contact Animal Control Officer Kevin Hooks or the animal control personnel for the specific city in which you live. Our Links page also provides links to rescue groups in our area.   Please check our ‘Other Links’ tab above for information and some of the local rescues and shelters.  You can also use petfinder.com to search for more rescues and shelters based on zip code. 

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Contact us at contact@arabpaws.org.